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Soccer-City-Stadion, Johannesburg

Built in 1987
Capacity after modification: 94700

Soccer-City-Stadion Soccer City can be called the home of the South African Football.

In the middle of the eighties the football functionaries of South Africa met each other and decided to build a National Stadium for South Africa.

The construction was financed by the South African football association. In 1990, the first mass manifestation of Nelson Mandela after was based at Soccer-City after he had been released.

In 1993 thousands of people were bemourning the assasined politician Chris Hani. In 1996 the final round of the African Nations Cup took place in Soccer-City, and South Africa won the play.

The headquarters of the South African Football Association is situated next to the stadium: the SAFA house. The local organisation comitee for the FIFA World Cup 2010 and the local offices of the FIFA are also based there.

Soccer-City is also the main stadium of the World Cup 2010, the first World Cup in Africa. The design of the front is unique, it looks like an african clay pot. About 40 % of the inhabitants of Johannesburg live in Soweto, next to the stadium. Therefore the complex will be a crosspoint of the activities during the World Cup in 2010.

Now the available capacity of the stadium is about 80000, but after the modification there will be space for 94700 football fans.

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