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Mbombela-Stadium, Nelspruit

Capacity: 46000
Build: New

The Mbombela-Stadium is a completly new building for the World Cup 2010. The stadium is named after the commune the city of Nelspruit also belonged to. Mbombela is a word of the siSwati language which means "a lot of people in a small room". The stadium is going to have the classical form of a rounded rectangle, therefore everybody in the stadium will have a perfect view.

The stadium is located 7 km away from downtown and 12 km away from the airport Kruger- Mpumalanga. There are some national parks near the stadium, hence visitors have the opportunity to go on safaris, for example on a day off.

Hopefully having been completed in 2009, the new build Mbombela-Stadium will have 46000 seats.

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